Kafijas paužu piedāvājums

We have put together 5 different coffee break sets, where the prices are given per person. 

It is also possible to put together your own coffee break, for that we have brought out additional options in the menu.

Coffee break I   1.85€
Coffee, tea, water

Coffee break II   6.50€
Coffee, tea, water
Kama – berries yoghurt drink
Handmade biscuits
Choice of fruit

Coffee break III   7.20€
Coffee, tea, water
Pea-avocado puree
Omelette with smoked salmon
Canapé with smoked chicken parfait
Choice of fruit

Coffee break IV   5€
Coffee, tea, water
Mackerel salad on lettuce leaf
Pepper-asparagus bite
Choice of fruit

Coffee break  V 8€ 
Coffee, tea, water
Chicken between lettuce salad
Canapé with prawns
Choice of fruit
Additional options for coffee breaks:

Rye bread with a green salad and chicken 0.80€
Whole wheat bread with salmon and tandoori chicken 0.80€
Whole wheat bread with salmon and green salad 1.30€
White bread with cheese and carrot 0.65€
Sandwich with ham 0.65€
Sandwich with cheese 0.65€
Sandwich with herring 0.65€
Sandwich with salmon 1.30€
Pasty 1.20€
Sweet roll 1.20€
Choice of biscuits 50g 1€
Choice of fruit 200g 1.30€
Vegetables with cheese dip 150/50g 2.50€

Kama – berries yoghurt drink 1 glass 1.50€
Coffee 1 cup 0.70€
Tea 1 cup 0.70€
Acqua Panna 0,25 1 bottle 1.50€
S.Pellegrino 0,25 1 bottle 1.50€
Table-water Häädemeeste 0,5l 1 bottle 2€
Juice 1 glass 1.50€
orange, tomato, plum, pineapple, apple, mixed