Thalasso therapy

“Thalassa” is the Greek word for sea. It is in the sea that the beginning of all life has its origin and it is in the sea where the similarity with oneself is concealed. Throughout times, the sea has attracted human beings to itself, for the view that opens up into a distance, wide and undetermined, as well as the salty sea air have a cleansing, calming and healing effect on humans.
Thalasso therapy was already known at the time of the Romans and Greek for its useful and stimulating effect on the health of humans. The basic elements of classical Thalasso are therefore sea mud, seawater, food from the sea and sea air, the application of which already forms part of treatments and relaxation procedures in many different countries.
The best known procedures using seawater are hydro massage, gymnastics in heated seawater, face masks containing algae and mud as well as air baths taken at the sea beach. In the European health care system the effects of a marine therapy have been researched for a long time and one came to the conclusion that the thalasso therapy essentially strengthens the human immune system.

In Estonia thassalo therapy is offered solely by us.

We are surrounded by the healthy seawater of the bay of Haapsalu, from where the mud used in our treatments comes from. You will also find elements from the sea in other treatment procedures, in the menu of our restaurant and all over Estonia only our guests may relax in a pool filled with seawater.

Regarding thalasso therapy the ESPA (European SPAs Association), of which the Estonian SPAs Association (ESPAL) forms a part, a definition for a clear understanding of the term of thalasso therapy in Europe was established. On the ESPA website you will find the criteria for thalasso therapy under the subdivision of THALASSO

„The thalasso therapy comprises a huge range starting from the treatment of chronicle diseases (asthma, respiratory conditions or psoriasis, skin diseases) up to preventive treatments which form a part of wellness SPA programs.“

The thalasso therapy is characterised by the following criteria:
1. . The thalasso therapy is a type of therapy with which preventive procedures, healing treatments and the planning of a healthy way of life are applied, depending on the client’s symptoms. The plan which has been worked out may only be performed under medical supervision and by following the instructions of a professional staff.
2. The institution where thalasso therapy is performed must be situated directly at the sea, for the immediate effect of the marine climate is of essential importance.
3. With regards to preventive and healing treatments seawater plays an important role, be it for inhalation purposes and (or) baths taken in a tub, a pool or right in the sea, depending on the need.
4. When healing procedures and other treatments are offered, products coming from the sea, so to speak, like mud and algae, are used.
5. Due to the location of the institution clients must have the opportunity of enjoying clean, allergy-free sea air. The sea air contains pollutants and allergens only to a small degree; therefore long walks in the fresh air are of primary importance in order to achieve best results. While long walks at the seashore are taken and the sea air is breathed in, the minerals are absorbed into the blood circulation directly by way of the lung capillaries; and in times before antibiotics were taken into use patients with respiratory problems were always sent to health resorts at the seaside.
6. Heliotherapy, i.e. the use of sunlight, is also of considerable importance in terms of prevention and treatments for healing. With unfavourable weather conditions, the sunlight must be replaced by artificial UV-rays.
7. Regular spending of time in the fresh air and at the sea, be it through organised activities (training, gymnastics) or through taking walks (Nordic walking etc.) must be provided for.
8. The thalasso therapy is accompanied by the basic pillars of healthy ways of living: harmony between body and mind by the emphasis on opportunities for relaxation, changes in eating habits, propagation of health food and a sportive way of life (gymnastics, movement).

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