We will make your life simpler!

To make it easier for you to choose between the many treatments we offer, we have put together some packages that are sure to meet your needs.

The packages are divided into two groups by their nature – Medi Spa packages and Thalasso Spa packages.

„Thalassa” is the Greek word for “sea.” The sea is where life began, and the character of the sea reveals something of the character of ourselves too. It has drawn people to it throughout the ages – a meeting point between heaven and earth; the salty sea air…

The main elements of the classical thalasso are sea mud, sea water, sea air and seafood.

We offer all of this through our Thalasso packages, thalasso therapy body treatment and relaxing procedures, using the natural resources that surround us.

Thalasso Spa is an experience where it is all in the details…

Our Medi Spa packages are designed to restore your health and reanimate your spirit.
The SPA health package, SPA relaxation package, SPA Sea Pearl and SPA MINI package provide relief for joint and nerve illnesses and are of great help against general tiredness and stress.

Massages, salt chamber, mud therapy, light therapy, herb or pearl baths – choose whichever suits you best.

An enjoyable visit to the gym, a morning swimming session in the sea water pool, aerobics on the seashore or a walk in the ionised air of the Paralepa pine forest – they all represent perfect, energising ways to start your day.

Take some time out and recharge your batteries!