Fra Mare Thalasso Spa

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Fra Mare Thalasso Spa
Fra Mare Thalasso Spa
Fra Mare Thalasso Spa

Everything is bound together:
The sea and the land, the sky and the sun,
Everything that lives and that is –
Without limit, without end!
/E. Enno/

At Fra Mare Thalasso SPA it is easy to find peace and happiness – the sea, which sings its own song, countless little inlets and islets, strolls around the cosy and romantic Haapsalu, August nights steeped in moonlight, the sweet, soothing smell of the pine forest…

Fra Mare Thalasso Spa is a comfortable and cozy hotel in a beautiful pine forest not far from Paralepa beach.
We are located 100 km from Tallinn and only a walking distance from Haapsalu’s Old Town.

The Fra Mare lifestyle encompasses relaxation and treatment procedures using Haapsalu’s unique sea mud, seawater, sea air and seaweed.

Fra Mare Thalasso Spa is also a rehabilitation facility where we offer a wide selection of Medi Spa treatments.

The Estonian Spa Association has accredited the Fra Mare Thalasso Spa as a three-star medical spa.

Pleasure for the body and soul!

The Fra Mare Thalasso SPA provides you with a favourable opportunity to relax alone, with friends, colleagues or family.

Dear guests – we strive to do our best for you at all times and are very happy to see you here again…

Welcome to the Fra Mare Thalasso SPA!

Paralepa is my temple.
(Cyrillus Kreek, Estonian composer)

In Haapsalu, you live like you?re behind God?s back.
(Paul Pinna, Estonian actor)

All streets in Haapsalu take you to the beach. This is attractive like a magnet.
(Aino Kallas, writer, wife of the Finnish ambassador)

Haapsalu is cunning. It has a secret power over one´s soul.
(Cyrillus Kreek, Estonian composer)

Sunrise in Haapsalu is more beautiful than any other place.
(Ants Laikmaa, Estonian painter)