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Fra Mare Thalasso Spa
Fra Mare Thalasso Spa
Fra Mare Thalasso Spa

Haapsalu is a cosy and peaceful town and you`ll get an overview of the size of this town in one evening. In summer, besides beauty and health procedures you can enjoy the beach, cycling, summer events and the charming old city. For example, the circular wall of Haapsalu Castle is one of the longest in the Nordic countries.
Winter in Haapsalu fascinates you with purity, peace and quiet, flavoured by skiing trips and walks in the silence of the Paralepa pine forest.
In Paralepa there are 3 and 5-kilometre hiking tracks. You can get a map at Fra Mare´s reception free of charge. The health and skiing track are drawn on the map and marked in nature.

Opportunities for active pastime at Fra Mare and in Haapsalu

– In summer, you can swim at Paralepa Beach (100 m from Fra Mare)
– at 7.30-7.50 morning exercise with instructor at Fra Mare
– at 6-9, Sat-Sun 6-10 morning swim at Fra Mare
– at 13.15-14 healthy hike with an instructor in the ionised air of the Paralepa pine forest
– use of the gym during opening hours
– use of the sauna and swimming pool complex of Thalasso Day SPA 13-22 (3 hours)
– You can play pool in the second floor lounge of the Fra Mare spa

From Fra Mare`s reception you can rent:
– Walking sticks
– Cross-country skiing equipment
– Bikes

A 20-minute walk from Fra Mare takes you to a modern stadium and a water centre.
A brand new bowling alley has been opened at Haapsalu Castle Square
On request, Fra Mare`s guides help you to book a time for playing tennis in the town`s tennis hall or courts.
From Fra Mare`s restaurant you can buy a picnic basket to take along on a walk or cycling trip.