Lobby bar menu


Welcome to our Lobby bar!
The kitchen is open Sun -Thu 12 – 22 and
Fri – Sat 12 – 23.



Caesar salad with thin-sliced braised veal 6.50€

Goat’s cheese and pear salad G 6,50 €

Snack platter: chicken wings and garlic bread with
cheese dip  7€

Solyanka for nostalgia lovers 5€

Creamy pumpkin soup G  4€



Green tea baby trout, pak choi,
pineapple-cucumber salsa L G 13€

Grandmother’s gourmet – Pork schnitzel with fried onions
and mushrooms, warm cream sauce and potato slices G  8€

Creamy pasta with smoked chicken   5€

Warm chicken salad in honey mustard dressing L
chicken, pepper, onion, potato slices, salad, oyster sauce,
chilli sauce 7€

Macaroni and cheese    🙂     4€

Timelessly traditional French fries with sausage 🙂   5€



Cake slice 3€

Strawberry soup with ice cream G 4€

Ice cream selection in waffle basket 4€

Kama – berries yoghurt drink 0,3  3€

Ice cream cocktail G 0,4  3€


L Lactose-free  G Gluten-free  Vegetarian food  🙂Children’s favourite  Spicy