Catering for groups


Fra Mare is willing to cater to tourist groups at any time suitable for you.

Complete menus help you to make your choice.

Group begins at 10 persons.
For the better and quicker service we recommend the same menu for the whole group!

Choices for catering for groups:

1. Clear fish soup G, L 5,00 €
Roast pork with warm cream sauce, boiled potatoes and steamed vegetables   G 7,00 €
Apricot cake with vanilla sauce 2,00 €
Water, bread, buns, coffee or tea
Total: 14,00 €
2. Cherry tomato – mozzarella salad   G 4,00 €
Warm chicken salad in honey mustard dressing
chicken, pepper, onion, potato slices, salad, oyster sauce, chilli sauce   L
7,00 €
Strawberry soup with ice cream   G 4,00 €
Water, bread, buns, coffee or tea
Total: 15,00 €
3. Caesar salad with thin-sliced braised veal 6,50 €
Fillet of salmon in a honey and lime glaze served with boiled potatoes, steamed vegetables and a white wine sauce   G 8,50 €
Warm blueberry cake with ice cream 3,50 €
Water, bread, buns, coffee or tea
Total: 18,50 €
4. Goat’s cheese and pear salad   G 6,50 €
Chicken fillet stuffed with blue cheese and sun dried tomatoes and served with vegetable-shrimp snaps and carrot sauce 10,00€
Orange crème brûlée served with fresh berries   G 4 €
Water, bread, buns, coffee or tea
Total: 21,00 €
5. Feta salad   G 4,00 €
Ratatouille   G, L 5,00 €
Fra Mares health drink
yoghurt, berries, kama
3,50 €
Water, bread, buns, coffee or tea
Total: 12,50 €
L Lactose-free   G Gluten-free   V Vegetarian food
Additionally you can order:
A glass of housewine 3.50 €
A boddle of housewine 13 €